Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2019
Sunday Services at ELCK Kaptembwa
The service at ELCK Kaptembwa starts at 10 am and takes three hours.

Either one of the evangelists or the chairman of the church is leading through the service. Mostly there are 150 up to 200 people attending the services.

In the beginning they start with the Lutheran Liturgy and some Lutheran chorales. After that there is a time of presentations. First the Sundayschool children are singing a few songs.

After that there is time for the youth and for the choir to present their songs.

The choir das around 40 members. They are practicing three times a week and they have also sold some of their own dvds.

After the presentations the sermon there ist he sermon, announcements and blessing.

On each Sunday the church is offering lunch for everybody. You are heartily welcome!!!

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